PST Merge Utility Tool For Merging Multiple PST Files!!

PST Merge Utility tool which is one of the best tools for merging PST files of the Outlook. User can easily execute and merges different type of PST files like inbox, journals, and calendars and to do list as well. This tool is compatible with all the PST files of the Outlook and supported by all the different type of operating system of Microsoft. This PST merge utility tool will merge two and more PST files and make a new PST file and if user wants to merge any particular PST file in the Current file then it is also possible with the help of this tool.

PST merge utility tool provides a simple and user friendly platform so that anyone can merge two different versions of PST file as well. It provide many different type of options for the merging of PST files and can also exclude the deleted items from the PST files with keeping the meta data of the files intact. It merges the PST file in the three different types and the types are:-

  • Join: With the help of this option user can join multiple PST files of different or same versions and create a new folder or file of the PST files.
  • Merge: This option is given if the user is in the need of merging same versions of PST files or folders.
  • Merge Contacts: Contacts PST file need some special type of execution so that it can merge successfully and this PST merge Utility tool also provide merging of contacts as well.

Free Demo Download Of PST Merge Utility Tool!!

Download the free versions of this utility tool and test the quality of this software on each and every step of process and user can buy a full version personal license key only in $69 as the trial or free downloaded version of this PST merge utility tool will help in the merging of first three files of the PST folders.

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