Find and Clear Repeated Emails from Outlook

Step 1

  • Download and Install software then Go to the "Start menu » All Program » Email Duplicate Analyzer".

Run Email duplicate analyzer

Step 2

  • To find and "remove PST file duplicate emails" select "Add File or to remove duplicate emails" across the PST files select "Add Folder".
  • Software also brings flexibility to delete selected PST files or group of PST files from chosen ones.

Click on Add file button

Step 3

  • After selecting Outlook data file (.pst) from machine, click on "Open" button.

Click on Open

Step 4

  • If required, you can remove PST file from list by selecting the PST file and clicking on "Remove" button. If desire remove PST files and then you can do that with "Remove all option".

Remove selected PST File

Step 5

Select Analyze Mode

Software provides two analyze mode for Outlook PST email select one of them according to your requirement.

  • Analyze Mode: This option helps in finding out the duplicate emails of Outlook PST files.
  • Analyze & Export: It finds and removes duplicate emails and introduce PST file without duplicates.

Click on "Next" button after selecting the desired mode.


Step 6

Explore Export Option

Software provides two options to Export PST file

  • Export Individual PST: This option permits to export PST file after duplicate removal
  • Export Consolidate PST: This option consolidate Outlook files without copied emails

Exports options

Step 7

There is one more additional option provided by Email duplicate analyzer do you want to export duplicate items in separate PST file?

  • If you marked it Yes: The tool will create a separate PST file for each PST file
  • If No: The tool will just remove the duplicates and does not restore it at any place

desire option

Step 8

  • After selecting the required export option, click on "Browse" button in order to restore PST files at the desired location.

Browse location

Step 9

  • Select desired folder to save output or create a new folder by clicking on "Make New Folder" then Press "Ok".

Select desire location

Step 10

  • Click on "start" button to initiate the process of export. If you click on "Cancel" button it will take you back to the previous steps.

Start export process

Step 11

  • After analyzing and removing duplicates from Outlook files software gives a success report in CSV file format. Check the status report and click on "Close" button to proceed further.

PST File exported successfully

Step 12

Preview Outcome

  • Verify items exported after using Email Duplicate Analyzer
  • Go to location where you have saved PST file on your system

view Outcome

Step 13

  • Now "view Consolidated PST file" created for all PST files after "removal of duplicate items".

Consolidated PST File

Step 14

How to Open PST file in Outlook

  • Open Outlook on your system and then Go to "File Menu » Open » Outlook Data File"

Open Outlook data file

Step 15

  • This will Open browsing window on your screen select the PST file that you desire to view and click on "Ok" button.

Open Outlook PST File

Step 16

  • Now the PST file open at your screen.

view PST in Outlook