Fix Outlook PST Cannot be Found Error

PST is an Outlook data file that stores copies of mails, calendars, contacts and other items in email client Outlook. Out of this Outlook is widely used email client in Windows Operating System and it stores crucial data as PST files (Personal storage table). Outlook is user friendly and reliable email client but sometimes due to number of reasons its Outlook data file become inaccessible. It starts getting an error message Outlook .pst could not be found, this error means Outlook cannot find PST file that has been previously used.

Common Reasons behind Outlook PST not Found Error

The raised error appears if Outlook delivers mail directly to Outlook (.pst) and if one of the following given below condition is true:

  • If Outlook finds the .pst file on a server to deliver the email messages which is inaccessible.
  • If Microsoft Outlook got the PST file but it had been corrupted due to some reasons.
  • If you have changed the location of Outlook .pst file and did not re-locate it in Outlook.

PST Located on a Network Server

Firsty, we want to clear that .pst files were never designed to be a network based solution. Although, it is possible to specify a network location for Outlook PST files. But it is recommended for you that you should not use .pst files over a LAN or WAN network because the use of .pst files in this situation may result in a corrupted Outlook data files if the network connection goes out.

  • The chances of data loss may increase if you access Outlook data files from a network connection
  • You should regularly create backup files for .pst so that in case of data loss you can easily import PST backup.

Relocated Outlook PST File

If you changed your .pst file location, re-locate it and open via Microsoft Outlook.

  • To open PST file in Outlook, follow these steps: File » Open » Outlook Data File
  • After clicking on Outlook Data File
  • Now, select PST file on click on Ok button to finish the process.

Repair Outlook Data file (.pst)

If Outlook data file get inaccessible due to corruption then it is recommended to use Outlook in-built utility as a first step to repair file. Inbox repair tool scans the PST file and then analyze the structure integrity. This utility is available free of cost as it is automatically installed on computer when Outlook is install.

Steps to work with Scanpst.exe

  • Open Scanpst.exe and then Browse PST file that you need to repair
  • After that open PST file by clicking on Start button to begin scanning
  • If Scanning get completed check option Make backup of scanned file before repairing and then click on Repair button to repair PST files error.

Note: If the above method fails to repair Outlook data file then move to an third party Outlook PST Recovery.